Virtual Reality Games - KY

It is no brainer that VR takes you beyond the limits of reality into a truly rich, immersive experience where you can easily connect with others while engaging with all your senses. By combining a physical set with real-time interactive effects and going beyond the virtual reality, the virtual reality goggles or headset lets you not only watch a movie or play a game but to live inside it, creating truly unforgettable experiences and memories.

Somerset Falls Family Park understands the digital needs of today's generation and offers a realm of true fun and adventure by providing a special VR game arena in KY. We offer latest virtual reality game systems, virtual reality goggles, and virtual reality headset to open a portal to a world of unlimited possibilities. Our 3D VR glasses will take you to a great world of beauty and adventure and introduce unmatched realism that takes you entirely out of your world not just visually, but physically and emotionally. Enter unexplored worlds filled with immersive and entertaining adventures with our VR gaming systems. Being able to see something virtually is one thing, but being able to reach out and physically interact with it is a whole different level of realism only available in Somerset Falls Family Park in KY. You can touch real items that exist in both the virtual and real world - truly bringing the world to life.